• Call for projets Launch - Brussels Spin-off 2018

    Do you work in a research organism and would you like to develop the results from your scientific research by creating a new business in the Brussels-Capital Region? Submit a funding application form under the Launch 2018 call.

  • Making Cities Work: what is the trickiest challenge for Brussels?

    What is according to you the trickiest challenge for Brussels ? Mobility, pollution or rather sustainable urban planning? City representatives, business actors as well as researchers will be invited to reflect on the future of Brussels within the new JPI Urban Europe project call “Making Cities Work”. The call for proposals is open until February 28, 2018.

  • New programme for research instituions: Evaluate - Proof of Concept

    Do you want to translate research results to a business context or to society? With Evaluate, you can validate your idea (proof of concept) or check the best way to validate your research (proof of interest).

  • Are you ready to tackle Brussels' challenges ?

    Are you a researcher in human or natural sciences with innovative ideas for the Brussels-Capital Region? Take part in the Anticipate - Prospective Research call for projects of 2018.

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