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Rise - Innovative Starters 2018

Who will be the innovative start-up of the year? Check out the shortlist!

Rise Innovative Starters



Rise – Innovative Starters is an annual program rewarding the most innovative young companies in Brussels with funding of up to € 500.000 for the implementation of a Strategic Innovation Plan.

16 companies entered the program this year, with 5 candidates making it to the next round. This fall, they will defend their vision for the future and their technological innovation choices for a panel of experts. The winners will be announced early 2019.

Want to know who the candidates for Rise 2018 are? Check out our shortlist now!




Kabandy developed a digital platform for building management.

Thanks to its artificially intelligent assistant, the platform enables architects, contractors and operators to anticipate problems that might occur on building sites. The assistant suggests actions, offers the right information at the right time and runs analyses that help to make informed decisions.

This development will unleash a digital revolution in the construction industry and lead to fewer accidents, affordable housing and a durable building environment.


 MuuseLabs combines streaming, smart speakers and toys.

The company’s first product, Jooki, is a music player for children that emphasizes play, imagination and independence.

Dankzij het Rise-programma zal MuuseLabs de internationale markt kunnen veroveren dankzij nieuwe producten en innovatieve diensten. Daarnaast zal het bedrijf haar strategisch kader uitbreiden om marktleider te worden in multimedia-omgevingen voor kinderen.

The Rise – Innovative Starters prize would allow MuuseLabs to conquer the international market. It would also enable the company to develop its strategie to become the market leader in multimedia environments for children


Shape (shape.ai) is a platform for data management and analysis teams

The program automatically validates the data sets analysts use, so they can make reliable data-intensive products and contact each other more easily in order to solve problems fast and efficiently.  


Wooclap is an interactive platform for the 21st century education.

With this smartphone application, teachers can ask multiple choice questions, ask their students’ opinions or organize a poll, all in real time in the classroom. Students can also use the program to help them study, thanks to an intelligent system that remembers questions and presents content.



Via an open-source and interoperable e-health platform, Zebra Academy makes it possible to make digital diagnoses of patients. Its virtual hospital extends the reach of hospitals to places where expertise is lacking, but vital.

The treatment of strokes is an important focus of Zebra Academy because it is time-dependent and requires neurological expertise. The social costs of stroke are high and amount to 25 billion euros in Europe.

Through an innovative business model, custom-made hardware and software, 24/7 teleconsultation and artificial intelligence, Zebra Academy aims to become a pioneer in telemedicine.


Do you want to find out more about our Rise programme ? Have a look at de general Rise web page.